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The RAT BABIES (Athens, GA) are a dark psychedelic, bass heavy, guttural screaming, foamy-slobber spitting, sweat stained, drum-n-bass, swamp noise, two piece sludge/doom band out of Athens GA. Rat Babies have been around since early 2005… and are usually found performing anywhere from art galleries to basement parties. The current lineup features original members Mux Blank on bass/vocals/noise and T. Chodd on drums/percussion.

“slow-churning, anxiously abrasive… self-described as “psychedelic-doom-noise,” and that’s pretty accurate, although I’d argue there’s a solid sense of melody in most of their stuff, even if it’s not laying right there on the surface.”

[Gordon Lamb, Flagpole Magazine]

The last EP release was entitled “Speak Hard Answers” (March 2017). Currently the band is putting the finishing touches on their sophomore album release recorded at Rancho De La Luna with David Catching and John Russo… release date coming soon!

“sludgy bayou animosity in the vein of Melvins with a Halloween Town, stumbling from the graveyard with an armload of shovels, feel. The rhythm is slow and the lyrics are dark and repetitive battles with depression and substance addiction– driven home with a plodding and brutal momentum and a bass distorted to Jackson Pollock fog. Think of Atrayu pulling futilely at the reins of Artax as he sinks ever lower into a Swamp Of Sadness where lilly pads sprout hypodermic needles and the sun falls brown through soot stained clouds. A personal apocalypse with every track”

[David – The Athens Secret Admirer]

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