Wanna Collaborate With Rat Babies?

We’re looking for a few creative video artist and filmmakers… no experience is required, young starting out filmmakers encouraged to submit, no-budget diy filmmakers wanted… or even if there are any fans that just wanna throw something weird together… ANYONE interested in collaborating on a fun project with Rat Babies can apply!!

As you may already know, Rat babies just released a new self-titled album in April, and due to the Coronavirus shutdown of all the gigs everywhere our whole plan for getting the album out through touring the east coast up to NY and back… Well, all that fell through, All Shows Canceled, for the foreseeable future! So now we are in the process of re-evaluating our whole approach to doing shows and moving forward through sharing our music, doing videos, and we’re even working on a set-up for live-streaming soon… We just wanna get the album out to the people… and so, we came up with this idea!

It’s like a Rat Babies Film Festival! What we’re looking for are friends and fans, anyone who can make any sort of “music video” or a short film, or even some tiktok style clips… anything you can think of, anything inspired by and using one or more of the songs off our new album in your video. We will be sharing these videos during livestreams, from our website, on FB / IG / Youtube pages and more to entertain everyone during this lockdown. Let’s get creative…

If you are interested in participating just email Mux or reach out to him on FB/IG. He will send you a link to download the complete album, or whichever specific song you would like, to use in your video.

You can also listen to tracks, read lyrics, or even purchase the album here: